What is your motivation for creating Volatility Made Simple?

Readers will note that the majority of my blog posts involve me sharing my quantitative research in order to expand upon (or occasionally debunk) someone else’s work.

I like the idea of lifting others’ work up rather than presenting ideas as my own, because I realize that very few ideas are truly unique. After over a decade of quantitative analysis, I have but a handful of my own.

What you the reader see when you visit our blog is (I hope) a neat, concise final result, but in actuality, this process of searching for ideas, putting them to the test, and presenting them here is a bear.

That’s an observation, not a complaint, because it’s this never-ending process of searching-testing-presenting that keeps my tools sharp. Without it, I am even more prone than most to becoming complacent in my trading. In short, maintaining this site is good for me.

Why offer subscriptions?

I would be lying if I said that at least part of the reason wasn’t a good ol’ fashioned selfish profit-motive, but it definitely goes beyond that.

I genuinely believe that we have a good product.

A lot of research has gone into our strategy. I’ve seen the strategies that most traders are using (some of which we test on our blog), and I think we’re doing something better.

The trading volume our subscribers generate is but a drop in the collective bucket, and I expect, will have essentially zero impact on the ETPs we trade.

Given all of the above, there really is no reason not to share the good things we’re doing here with others.

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